We are Southampton Culture Trust, our vision is to bring the city together, strengthen partnerships, help transform Southampton and the region through an energising investment in culture, festivals, events and tourism.

We are a city of culture, lots of culture; a city of music, sport, dance, food, heritage, art and theatre.

About Us

We’re a city of connections. A maritime city, a meeting point of rivers, a port for a thousand years. Not just a departure point, but a destination, too. Home to people from more than 50 countries. A young, diverse city of culture, lots of culture. A city of innovation and enterprise, home to two universities.

It’s time to shout about Southampton

About Us

Interim Chair of Southampton Culture Trust, Laura Read

I was captured by the spirit and the passion on display during the Southampton City of Culture Bid for 2025. By bringing together Culture, Destination Management, Tourism and Festivals and Events under one umbrella, we can harness the potential, creativity and ambition within Southampton, to achieve what we all know our city is capable of."


Laura Read

Interim Chair for Southampton Culture Trust

Southampton was shortlisted for the UK City of Culture 2025! Now, we are working hard creating a new Culture Trust for 2023 onwards

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Our people are at the heart of our city.

Drawn from different parts of the city (and some from further afield), they represent the diverse voices and cultures of our welcoming and inclusive city.

Our People

Craig David MBE


This city is bursting with culture, much of it self-made by the people of Southampton, and it will always be home in my heart... Now we have the opportunity to be part of the story of our future city and tell it to the world.

Become one of our partners investing in a city’s future development.

As part of Southampton’s bid to become UK City of Culture 2025, we are looking for partners who will support and amplify the journey of not only the bidding period but beyond.

Our Partners
Our Partners