Time for Southampton’s Emerging Talent to Shine


14 Jun, 2021

Today we launched the first opportunity for young people, Our Time, a talent development programme which will support emerging young artists and creatives in the City. The initiative will offer young people the opportunity to be granted a bursary of £500. This bursary will support their journey across the cultural and creative sector, through development and training opportunities. This prize will be given to 10 young people to invest, develop and build their creative careers, in preparation for 2025 and beyond.

The launch of Our Time is supported by local rapper, artist and influencer Tyrone, whose experiences as a young person in Southampton have helped him to develop his own successful creative career. Tyrone released a film encouraging other local young artists and creatives to apply. The film was shot at the Mayflower Theatre and created with Our Time delivery partner City Eye working with young film-makers Emma McConologue, George Richardson and Dev Place. Watch the film here

Claire Whitaker OBE, Bid Director said, “Southampton’s children and young people are vital to our city’s future and central to our bid to be UK City of Culture in 2025. Our Time is designed to complement the work of a host of Southampton-based organisations committed to improving the opportunities for and skills of young people currently taking place across the City, such as City Eye, Under-16 Development programme, The Agency Project, Mayflower Engage, Artswork, ZoieLogic Dance Theatre Fuzzy Lads and the work of the Southampton Cultural Education Partnership. The initiative also supports the City’s ambition to become a UNICEF child-friendly city.

Creating opportunities for young people is at the heart of our bid and it is so important to involve young people not only in the shaping of the bid but also for of their future city. Southampton has a wealth of creative talent – this initiative not only gives us the opportunity to unlock that but also the chance to support the creative sector and retain our talent locally”.

As we develop our bid to be UK City of Culture in 2025, children and young people are not only shaping our bid, but also the future of their city. Southampton has a wealth of creative talent which Our Time gives us the opportunity to unlock in a new generation. We want to ensure Southampton is a place support its creative sector and becomes somewhere our talented young creative people want to base their careers.”

To apply to Our Time you must be a young person aged 18 – 25 living or studying in Southampton. Your talent can represent all aspects of Southampton’s culture, so sport, music, food, performing, film, visual arts, dance, crafts – it’s your culture, you define it!

The closing date for submissions is Monday 5th July. Entries are judged by members of the SO25 steering group and SO25 bid team. The 10 winners will be announced on Monday 19th July. To apply for the Our Time £500 bursary applicants, need to share why is it their time either by video, writing, audio or artwork. This can be on their social media accounts with the #OurTimeSO25 or emailed to admin@city-eye.co.uk. Video content should be no longer than 3 minutes and can be emailed or shared by private/unlisted link or file transfer service.