Meet Our First Local Ambassador Jayanti Shah MBE


7 Sep, 2021

Southampton 2025 Trust is pleased to announce their first local ambassadors to back Southampton’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2025.  Local ambassadors for Southampton’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2025, known as ‘Our People’, will be drawn from different parts of the city, representing the diverse voices and cultures from across Southampton.

Our first local ambassador is Jayanti Shah MBE. Jayanti, known as ‘Jay’, moved to Southampton in 1968 and for half a century, he has devoted his spare time to fighting racism.  Jay has held prominent positions with the Southampton Race Equality Council and contributed to the work of the city’s race sub-committee. He is a director of Positive Message Ltd, and has been a leading figure in the success of Black History Month for over 15 years. 

Watch Jayanti’s bid film here.

Upon becoming an ambassador, Jayanti said: “I’m so proud to be announced as the first Southampton local ambassador for the bid. Winning the UK City of Culture 2025 will being with it many benefits and opportunities, Southampton deserves to win the bid as the diverse range of culture in our city is clear to see!”