Kristianne Drake Announced as Second Local Ambassador


9 Sep, 2021

Southampton is full of residents who contribute greatly to the city’s rich and varied culture; so we are thrilled to announce our new local ambassadors.

Local ambassadors for Southampton’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2025, known as ‘Our People’, will be drawn from different parts of the city, representing the diverse voices and cultures from across Southampton.

The second local ambassador to join the bid is Kristianne Drake, who has contributed to a large amount of creative institutions and events throughout the city. Kristianne works with Artworks, and is a co-director for In-Focus, offering creative education programmes for young people. In 2015, they started ‘DIY Southampton’, an event hosted at Planet Sounds showcasing a vast mix of music, poetry, art, performances and more.  

Watch Kristianne’s bid video here

When asked about Southampton’s culture Kristianne said: “When I think of culture in Southampton, there’s house shows, poetry, mosaics on walls, skateboarders in Guildhall Square, big gigs in tiny little spaces, artisan bakers, small exhibition spaces with work made by young people and the community hanging on the walls. There’s just so much; it’s just endless really”.