MORE than 500 primary school children rehearsed welcoming judges to Southampton!


9 May, 2022

MORE than 500 primary school children rehearsed welcoming judges to Southampton ahead of their visit in deciding which area will be crowned UK City of Culture 2025.

Pupils from Weston Park Primary School showed off a dazzling display of smiles and cheered loudly in a practice run ahead of the judges’ visit this week.

Year Six pupils Olivia Whiffen, 11, and Chloe Carrington 10, hope Southampton wins the bid as it will benefit the city.

Olivia said: “It will help pupils be the best and can help in terms of schooling as well. It will enable opportunities for children in schools and it can help them reach their full potential. Southampton should win.”

Chloe said: “I think Southampton has much to offer and I think it will be recognised if we do get the bid. Winning will help people learn about Southampton.”

Weston Park Primary Headteacher James Wiltshire added: “We all know that it’s the youngsters of our city who are central to the bid and if we can increase their opportunities through culture and community then the bid will have more than done its job.”

Deputy Headteacher Cara Newman said winning would “enhance opportunities”.

She said: “As a school, we ensure that we create opportunities for our students and if we were to win, it would enhance all opportunities in Southampton. The children learn about their locality and get a strong understanding of it. It is really important they have that understanding of where they come from. Our city has great diversity and we want to be able to share that. There is a lot of hidden beauty within Southampton that people are not aware of. There are so many beautiful places here, from the parks, museums, old ruins and more. So having that spotlight on Southampton will tell the country and every other country how beautiful and historical the city is.”