What Culture Means To Young Sotonians


23 May, 2022

The number of children in Southampton has grown by three times the national average in the past decade. And that is set to rise by a further 4.1% by 2025. So, when the Southampton UK City of Culture 2025 bid team were invited by Southampton Music Hub to meet young performers at MAST, we took the opportunity to ask them what their city’s culture meant to them:

“To me culture is like the unity of people, so like the more you share culture the more it diversifies between the subcultures,” said Ben.

“I feel like your culture is what you grow up with or your hobbies or like something you strongly believe in or strongly enjoy and it’s just something that you want to dedicate yourself to,” said Phoebe.

Jerry commented that: “Culture is this kind of community that brings people together as a whole. It’s what made us from the past to who we are now and what allows us to remember those times. Southampton is very diverse in terms of its culture. I mean there’s a lot of history and it is good to add even more to that history for other people to remember in the future, especially other generations. You want people to remember what you’ve done, you want to leave someone a legacy for other people to know.

Matthew added: “It’s like a community coming together to celebrate things that they like and they enjoy it, just to be part of sort of one big family.

“I really like the communities and the openness of it [Southampton] you see so many like people with different heritages and everything this is very diverse,” was the response from Feion.

“I really enjoy like expressing myself and expressing my faith through music I feel it’s a really powerful way to express

how you’re feeling. There’s like such a wide culture and we like hugely diverse and there’s always somewhere in Southampton that someone can go and express themselves and it doesn’t matter whether that’s going to a cafe whether that’s going to theatre even the university.

“Just going somewhere that you feel safe and that you feel you can just be yourself,” says Missy.

Southampton 2025 UK City of Culture Bid Director Claire Whitaker OBE said “Children and young people are not only shaping our bid but also the future of our wonderful city. Our focus, therefore, is to ensure that the city’s young people have the skills and opportunities to thrive and want to base their careers here and take advantage of the growing number of local companies who are committed to nurturing local talent.”