Southampton 2025 Trust’s Inclusion Pledge


We have been working in partnership with John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, and organisations from across Southampton to create meaningful and change-making Inclusion Pledges. By committing to our pledges together we are unified in our aim to make Southampton an actively inclusive city.


We Pledge To…

Continue to ensure all the city’s communities are represented in the programme, its production, and the promotion of our bid to be UK City of Culture in 2025



Ensure Equality and Diversity training is undertaken by all members of Southampton’s UK City of Culture team


Once we win, Southampton 2025 Trust will:

Ensure the development of a full EDI strategy and SMART Action Plan to include a focus on:


Governance: Ensure the Trustee board is diverse and inclusive in its membership


Recruitment: Ensure that opportunities are accessible and readily available to all our communities


Inclusion training: As part of the induction process, we will ensure all Trustees, employees and volunteers receive appropriate training to promote inclusive practice, reflecting our inclusion values throughout the organisation


Delivery: Ensure everyone has access to the UK City of Culture programme, wherever they live and whatever their background


Our pledges have been developed as a result of a series of workshops focusing on developing and promoting inclusion across Southampton. All participating organisations took away from the process the skills and learnings to begin the development of meaningful pledges to actively promote inclusivity throughout their organisations. Click here [hyperlink to the relevant webpage] to find out more.