Our Time

Meet Southampton’s next generation of artists & creatives

OUR TIME is a new initiative unlocking the creative talent that exists in our city. In the pilot programme, ten young people received a £500 grant to support the development of their art and creativity.

Max Lystor- Artist


I am ecstatic that the Our Time project is supporting me in my practice. Thanks to them, the scope and quality of my vision feels that much closer.

Georgia Penny- Photographer


"The pandemic has hit the creative industry really hard and impacted my work massively so it feels like a huge relief to feel like my art, and something I have so much passion for, has been recognised."

Ellie Kinsley- Ceramicist


Getting the bursary means the absolute world to me! I plan to purchase a new studio quality potter's wheel, allowing me to improve my work and skill set tenfold.

Goncalo Valle- Filmmaker


Feeling slightly unmotivated by another day of work with seemingly no results, I checked my email one last time before going to sleep. That's when I saw that I had been selected. Long story short, I wasn't able to sleep much due to the excitement. Instead, the night was spent reflecting on how best to use this amount to propel my career forwards!

Katie Baker- Sculptor


I was so excited when I found out I won the bursary, it felt really validating for my work to be recognised and invested in.

Dominic Green- Writer


It's safe to say I was chuffed! I am looking forward to finding out what other creative work is being done in Southampton by people my age and it's such a boost to be supported by this scheme.